Community Internships
From: ehrbar (
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2011 16:55:08 -0700 (PDT)
Funny that you mention community internships, we are just in
the process of implementing this right here at Wasatch
Commons.  Here is the draft of an announcement which we will
send to the environmental studies program at the University
and similar.  I have a reputation at the U for being a
radical and we hope we will find worthy interested

Wasatch Commons is a Cohousing Community located near 13
South and Redwood Road in SLC.  It is called Cohousing
because it is a condominium in which the households get to
know each other and co-operate, sometimes have joint meals,
raise their children together.  One of our community members
is a farmer farming an adjacent 1-acre plot.  We work
together to maintain our common areas, with all residents
sharing responsibilities.

One of the 24 homes in Wasatch Commons has been reserved for
student interns who would like to gain experience with this
way of living by actively cooperating and also shaping it.
You will live in a shared home with 1 or 2 other students
and a seasoned environmental activist, Xxxx Xxxxx, as
permanent non-student resident.  Xxxx will facilitate
development of guidelines needed for cooperative living
during regular "house meetings."  Rent will be $300
per month, utilities and internet included.  This is not a
hostel- or dorm-type situation, it is a beautiful
well-equipped private home with radiant heat, LED lights,

By offering this opportunity we would like to subsidize
students who are active in the environmental movement: since
we have messed up your environment the least thing we can do
is make our resources available to those trying to fix it.
If you are concerned about climate change and if you think
one of the necessary strategies is alternative ways of
living, this offer is for you.

If you like the low rent and think you can get away with a
minimum of involvement in our community, this offer is not
for you.  We need students who would like to have a hands-on
experience with a cooperative living situation -- warts and
all, we are not perfect -- because they may be involved in
something similar later in their lives or even
professionally.  We will also quiz you about your
involvement in the environmental movement -- which can take
many forms.

If you are interested please contact
Hans G Ehrbar
(Econ Professor and Community Member).
This is a brand new program and we are just
starting to develop an application procedure.
If you contact us early, you will have an
input into the application procedure itself.
Those already admitted will have a say in the
selection of their house mates.

Hans G Ehrbar

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