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I am creating a community internship program and I am checking to see if
any other communities are doing anything similar?  I live in Heartwood
Cohousing in southwest Colorado and have a studio space in my straw-clay
home to share with someone interested in experiencing community living
without requiring a long-term commitment.

This could be an opportunity for someone completing a thesis or a
dissertation or it could be a more hands-on approach such as natural
building, permaculture or organic-gardening.  We have a Waldorf teacher
training in our area I would like to collaborate with.  I am playing with
many ideas. 

Is anyone doing anything similar?  Does anyone have leads on any dynamic
internship programs that are in place and doing well?  Do you know of
schools, organizations or businesses that may be interested in
collaborating either by recommending students or offering on-line degrees? 
You can contact me at hartmagic [at] I look forward to connecting
with ideas you may have.

Many Thanks,
Fran Hart

Heartwood Cohousing  

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