Re: Common laundry question
From: R.N. Johnson (
Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2012 09:24:46 -0800 (PST)
My partner and I have 2 children, and we are probably the heaviest users of the 
laundry room.  The laundry fairy visits us occasionally as well, and what a 
wonderful surprise that is to come back to neatly folded laundry! I think that 
if we had not used a diaper service, but were doing all the diaper washing at 
home we would have wanted our own washer.  We have high quality residential 
type machines, rather than commercial ones, and in 5 years have had the repair 
folk out two or three times for minor repairs on the now 8 year old washer and 
dryer that my household donated. I am not sure I would want to have take all 
our laundry to a laundromat, but the laundry room works well for us.  I do 
advocate having instructions so that people can move laundry along if someone 
forgets it. 

Randa Johnson

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