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On Wed, 29 Oct 2014 Kay Wilson Fisk wrote:
> Can you tell us more about your Sales committee? What do
> they do, and how?

> Kay Wilson
> Meadow Wood Cohousing

Our Sales team mostly receives requests for information from
interested parties, keeps a list of interested parties to share with
those who want to sell or  rent, gives an orientation to prospective
owners (we have agreed that this will happen before a contract is
signed), and helps a selling owner in whatever way we can.   There are
numerous requests for bylaws, notarized letters, etc, that are needed
from time to time, for some sales.

See slightly out of date Team charter below.

Sales Committee Charter

Teams and committees gather information, make recommendations to
Association or Board as appropriate, carry out those authorized
decisions, filling in the details of execution, within their budget.
All teams and committees have the responsibility for appointing a
facilitator and keeping written records of meetings and decisions. In
addition, teams and committees will make brief bimonthly reports to
the Association.

1. Committee’s primary function or purpose.

residents understand and subscribe to its tenets.

shall consist of three members, all of whom must be Owners of different Lots. 
Each member of this committee shall

serve a one-year term, which may be renewed. This Committee shall review and 
respond to Notices, as provided in

the Declaration.” The Sales Committee is appointed by the Board, as set forth 
in Article VI, Section 1 of the Bylaws.

II. Specific roles and responsibilities.

1. The Committee maintains a list of names and addresses of individuals or 
families who have expressed an

interest in joining Westwood, either as purchasers or renters.

2. The two alternate scenarios are as follows for a sale:

$ Owner finds a buyer on his or her own and notifies

To maintain the cohousing character of Westwood, insuring that future

As stated in the Bylaws, Article VI, Section 5: “The Sales Committee

A. Owner decides to sell

the Sales Committee that he or she has accepted a contract from a potential 
purchaser, detailing the

terms in writing.

$ The Sales Committee provides candidate with Member Packet and within 30 days

determines, through an interview, the commitment of the potential purchaser. 
This includes the

procedures outlined in the addendum New Member Agreement.

$ From the Declaration, Item 7: “Within 30 days after receipt of Notice, the 

Committee shall either approve the proposed transaction in writing (the 
“Approval”) or shall

furnish the selling Owner with a signed offer (the “Offer”) from a purchaser 
approved (the

“Approved Grantee”) by the Sales Committee, upon the same terms stated in the 
Notice, except

that the Approved Grantee shall have not less than thirty (30) days subsequent 
to the date of the

Offer within which to close the transaction. ... The Approval of the Sales 
Committee shall be in

recordable form signed by any two members of the Association’s Board and shall 
be delivered to

the purchaser.”

$ The list of names of those interested is provided to the homeowner. That 

may use it in any way he or she wishes.

the sale on the bulletin board, and the Sales Committee works with the 
Communication Team to post a

notice on the Westwood web site.

procedures outlined above take place.

B. Owner decides to sell and asks the Sales Committee to help him or her find a 

$ The Sales Committee or the seller posts a notice of

$ When the seller has found a purchaser, the

3. The Sales Committee provides the names of possible renters to any homeowner 
wishing to rent his or her

unit for a period of time.

4. The Sales Committee seeks to maintain diversity in the Westwood
population. From the Declaration, the third Whereas, “The
development is intended to be a community in the best sense of the
word and is intended to be open to and inclusive of people of
different ages, races, occupations, income levels, family composition,
physical abilities, sexual orientation and religious beliefs.”

5. Following the sale or long-term rental, members of the Sales Committee 
review with the new owner or

renter all of the appropriate documents and make sure he/she understands fully 
his or her rights and

responsibilities as a member of the community. The committee will include the 
Maintenance and

Housekeeping Team for this orientation.

III. Decision making protocols.

IV. Communication protocol guidelines between this team/committee and other 
teams or committees, Board,

individual members, etc. As outlined above.

V. The Sales Committee meets only when required by a pending sale.

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