Seeking a month-long rental
From: ML Burke (
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2018 08:22:11 -0700 (PDT)
I’m a long-time Cohousing advocate living in Metro Vancouver, BC. I did Chuck 
and Katie’s week-long Seniors’ Cohousing workshop in 2011 and advocate for more 
affordable housing and Cohousing in this region. My goal this winter is to find 
a warmer climate near the Pacific Ocean to do some writing and exploring. I 
write a column in two local papers. I’m thinking the central or south coast of 
California. I could afford around $2,000 US for a month in January or February. 
 I’d be happy to contribute to the community where I can, such as desktop 
publishing, cooking, etc. I’m a 72-year old mentally active liberal woman keen 
to experience a cohousing community firsthand. I don’t smoke and I have a small 
(10 lb.) well-trained and quiet Havanese dog.

ML (Mary-Lynn) Burke
ml_burke [at]

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