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Date: Mon, 8 Mar 2021 07:25:49 -0800 (PST)
I work internationally in mental health education and have heard it used
frequently by people who are not clinicians (and also by those who are) in
a pejorative and punitive manner
It’s often given as a diagnosis when a person is experienced as ‘too
difficult’ without exploring the history, context or meaning.
In the mental health system ‘personality disorder’ is a vague diagnosis,
often doubling as a way of invalidating a person.
We all develop our own life-strategies for survival- many of which are less
than helpful, and each of us has our own flavor of ‘disorder’ some are just
more socially sanctioned than others.  In my opinion Labeling and writing
each other off with pejorative labels and dismissing personalities as
‘disordered’ based on who-knows-what is not helpful, kind or inclusive,
even in jest.
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> > find the term 'personality disorder’ -- a diagnosis that in recent years
> has been questioned
> > as having enough specificity about it to be useful
> I don’t think I have ever heard the term used in anyway except except
> jokingly to refer to someone who has just done something funny or
> unexpected in a way that is unique or uncommon. For example one person
> always putting the salt and pepper shakers away with the salt on the right
> and everyone else puts the salt on the left—and that’s what the sign says.
> Or putting the glasses away upside down when everyone else puts them right
> side up. Or is always late. Or rarely gets the joke in sitcoms.
> It’s a way of saying leave them alone — they won’t change. It’s a
> personality disorder. They are put together that way. Just accept it.
> Sharon
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