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We're happy with our two high-end regular dishwashers. The noise of the
super fast ones was a big factor in our initial decision 28 years ago. Who
needs that when you're trying to have a relaxing conversation after
dinner?  Here are three more so far not-mentioned factors

   - I'd put a lot of stock in Sharon's experience, since she says they
   changed from commercial to regular and are happy about it.
   - The commercial ones are fast, but it's not like to have to stand there
   and watch a regular one go through its cycles after loading it. Come back
   later to empty, or just get used to leaving it and emptying from the
   previous meal when you come to cook.
   - Our electric charges are higher during peak hours, much higher in
   summer. You may have that too -- or will soon. I can load our dishwashers
   and set their timers to start hours later to save on our common bill.

David, Sacramento

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