California Cohousers:Virtual Summit this Thurs eve on Legalities/Practicalities of Seling/Reselling Cohousing Homes
From: Raines Cohen (
Date: Tue, 18 May 2021 07:37:49 -0700 (PDT)
Cohousers in California:

Join us *this Thursday*, May 20, *5-7 PM*,

Experienced real estate agent *Brett Weinstein* of *Realty Advocates *(who
has handled many cohousing resales), hosted by Phoenix Commons, talking
about how we can legally and effectively resell cohousing condos in
California. Details below.

Please pre-register via Zoom if possible so we can prepare:

And pass the word around your community!

On this hot topic, we found that different people have different
questions/issues around resales, inclusivity, diversity, affordability..
the more the merrier (so long as participants are living in established
California Cohousing neighborhoods or building new community homes for
sale; we have other events that are appropriate for community seekers).

Raines Cohen, Cohousing California (at Berkeley, CA cohousing)
 on behalf of the CaliCoho organizing team and Phoenix Commons

Phoenix Commons, the Bay Area's only senior cohousing (*and the US's only
> community with an ocean-going dock*), is running into challenges and
> conflicting advice from Real Estate professionals about how to handle
> resales in community, under new California and Federal rules designed to
> prevent housing discrimination.
> The way some agents are telling some sellers in some communities, the
> seller should not be aware of anything about the buyer, to prevent
> inadvertent discrimination based on protected categories. That doesn't
> sound like the cohousing way of doing things, building relationships and
> getting to know one another.
> Phoenix Commons has gotten a local real estate broker, *Brett Weinstein*,
> who has handled many cohousing resales over the past quarter century, to
> join us in a multi-community conversation that can help us compare notes
> between communities and address questions such as:
> 1. Do you have an informational meeting with prospective buyers? What is
> it called?
> 2. Communication between prospective buyers and the community--do real
> estate agents get involved as well?
> 3. Does the community tell prospective buyers the price(s) of available
> units?
> 4. Do you have rules in your CC&Rs or community agreements about selling
> units?
> 5. Do you have some sort of pre-sales period before a unit is listed on
> MLS?
> 6. How do you market available units? Would you be interested in doing
> joint marketing with other cohousing communities?
> 7. Do you have a specific team that deals with interactions with
> buyers/sellers/real estate agents and what is the name of that team?
> 8. What have you learned that we should all know about?
> 9. Are there things the community should not be doing?
> 10. What have been your biggest challenges?
> We're planning to gather for a couple hours at most to discuss these
> questions this Thursday evening May 20, and want to get as many
> communities represented as possible.
> Of course, we'll share the results on this list, and welcome anyone who
> can't make it to post their questions and relevant answers to the ones
> listed above.

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