strategies to rein in escalating purchase prices
From: Olaf Kula (
Date: Mon, 24 May 2021 15:59:23 -0700 (PDT)
We are looking for advice on strategies that different co-housing
communities have used to rein in escalating home purchase prices.  Our most
recent construction estimates are some 30% higher than most of us were
aware of.   The sticker shock threatens the ability of some members on
fixed incomes to remain.

We would like to hear what other co-housing communities did when faced with
a similar situation.   The main features of our community are:

   - passiv architecture (pursuing net zero energy use)
   - common space
   - Inclusiveness

After attempting to renegotiate the best deal possible for the plan as it
is now, options for consideration (not in order of desirability)

   - Give up on the passiv design cost drivers
   - Complete the common house in a later phase
   - Create a foundation or 501 c3 as an educational institution on
   co-housing and passiv design and using the common space for classrooms,
   seminars and to rent out to groups.
   - Identification of grants for which we might be eligible.

Part of the challenge is needing to generate over $1 million in savings.

Please share any and all ideas.



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