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Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2021 17:25:34 -0700 (PDT)

I reach out to the Fire Marshal or Fire Department all the time on my projects. (I need to make a call tomorrow actually). Start with the Fire Department who will respond to your location and ask them who does their plan review. (It will probably be a Fire Marshal.) Then contact that person and offer to share information about your project like Brian did. Some are more "by the book" than others, but talking to them to explain your specific situation goes a long way.

Good luck!

Neena Jud, Harmony Architecture

Cincinnati, Ohio (not living in community)

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  A little more detail ... We were told by our consulting engineers that the 
"inspector" (fire marshal?) will probably require the Ansul hood. According to 
the engineers, our options are to (1) install the Ansul hood now or (2) install a regular 
hood and hope the inspector passes it, but if not and we are required to replace it with 
an Ansul hood, it will cost much more than if we'd installed it in the first place.?
Evidently it's not an option to reach out to the fire marshal to discuss, but 
maybe that's the way consulting engineers think.?

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