Approaches for Affordability, Fixed income / Single income Cohousing, Affordability and Aging, Pocket Neighborhoods
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Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2021 10:51:59 -0700 (PDT)
Here are some more of the sessions being offered on October 23 during the 
Affordable Cohousing <> 
online event.

Registration is open. For more information and to register today go to 

Session 2

Creating Approaches for Affordability
Jim Leach, Katie McCamant, Bryan Bowen
This will be an interactive session with experience professionals and audience 
members working together to consider options and possibilities for increasing 
affordability in cohousing.

Cohousing for Fixed- and Single-Income Households: Case Studies from Takoma 
Village Cohousing and Elderspirit Cohousing
Ann Zabaldo, Dene Peterson, Yoomie Ahn
This session with Ann Zabaldo and Dene Peterson, moderated by Yoomie Ahn, will 
present case studies from existing cohousing communities about affordability 
for fixed- and single-income households. Because of residents’ strong social 
bonds, commitment to mutual support, and value placed on income and household 
diversity, members of these communities rally to seek grant and public funding 
for inclusionary rental units or to provide professional or personal assistance 
to neighbors in the event of a job loss or health or other crisis.

Affordability and Aging: Reverse Mortgages & Community Support Funds
Raines Cohen
As we live, grow, and age in cohousing, some of us face increasing costs and 
fixed incomes. How can we prevent displacement and keep our neighborhoods 
thriving? We’ll look at institutional options (Reverse Mortgages) and mutual 
support systems (Squirrel Fund) and how they can serve your community.

Building a pocket neighborhood in rural Oklahoma – Lessons learned
Ty Albright
Using an all-equity strategy, Ty took under a city block in Sulphur Oklahoma, 
worked with local talent and supplies and developed 8 lots plus a common area. 
He’s built the 1st of 8 homes and is now working on house #2. He did this with 
no debt. Ty will share actual numbers, experience gained, and mistakes made and 
offer suggestions for those wanting to attempt something similar.

We look forward to seeing you there! 

Laurie Lauer
Office Admin / Outreach <>

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