RE: Publicity opp for cohousing - porches
From: mikearnott (
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 20:02:32 -0700 (PDT)
The strangest thing happened last week after this e-mail went out below.
A student type younger woman popped into Cornerstone Cohousing community
with a disposable camera and started to take pictures. I asked her what
she was doing and she said she wanted to see the back of the house
adjacent to our community - yet she started to take pictures of a lot of
our property. Another Cornerstone neighbor saw her and came out and then
I asked her why she lied to me. I was wondering why she was taking
pictures of our community. She did not apologize but then gave her name
and what she was doing there. She is a graduate student of the Harvard
School of Design and was told to take pictures of porches. Preferably old
porches and those that people really landscaped and transformed. I
mentioned this book submission request and she said she didn't know what
I was talking about and that it was for a class. Having a community near
Harvard we do have a number of students that pass through but I do prefer
it when we know who they are and that they show some courtesy and
introduce themselves. 

I did give her a brief out side tour and showed her some of the porches
that people had really done up nicely, but they were not what she was
looking for since we are only 3 years old. She was from NY where porches
are metal or fire escapes and was surprised to see ours in Boston are all
wood. Even today.

Mary White
Cornerstone Coho
Cambridge, MA   

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Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 08:04:49 -0400
From: Dave and Diane <daveanddee [at]>
Subject: [C-L]_ Publicity opp for cohousing - porches
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Hi everyone in coho-land,
I get this electronic newsletter from the Boston Society of Architects, 
from which I have obtained many useful publicity opportunities. Last 
week's newsletter had an item (below) about porches. The slide show I 
give has several slides of porches from Southside Park. I think there 
might be many other cohousing groups out there that have built porches 
because they are wonderful "transitional spaces." The deadline is fast 
approaching, so act quickly if you are interested.
Over & out!
JP COHOUSING  617-522-2209
7. Do you design porch additions ?
Jimmy Crisp and Sandra Mahoney of are compiling a book on porch 
additions for Taunton Press. They are looking for "before and after" 
scouting shots of porch additions that highlight the visual, 
functional, and lifestyle benefits of porches. Selected submittals will 
be highlighted in the book with professional photographs and a profile 
of approximately 4-5 pages of text devoted to the specific project. 
Budget and scale are not limiting factors. They are looking for a 
variety of projects across a wide spectrum of price and size as well as 
If you have projects you believe would be appropriate, please send 
low-resolution digital images in .JPG format (professional photos are 
not required) on disk to Crisp Architects, 34 Front Street, P.O. Box 
319, Millbrook, NY 12545. Contact sheets of photos would be 
appreciated. Chromes will be accepted if other formats are not 
available. The deadline for submissions is June 30. Please direct any 
questions to Crisp Architects (845-677-8256 / ).

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