Alexandria VA wants to group cohousing with Boarding houses - please speak up
From: Becca-Person Brackett (
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2021 08:32:05 -0700 (PDT)
My Google alert on the word "Cohousing" keeps turning up misuse of the term.
Maybe it's a losing battle,  but I would urge anyone in the state of
Virginia  or cohousers in the DC area to send the word to the City Council
of Alexandria that cohousing is NOT boarding houses and renting out extra

They are planning regulations to encourage co-living and allow more
density, make more affordable housing, and those are wonderful goals-  but
the cohousing community needs to tell them DON'T CALL IT COHOUSING.
I like to refer officials and journalist to the wikipedia page
and especially the first sentence:
" *Cohousing*[1] <> is
an intentional community
<> of private homes
clustered around shared space. The term originated in Denmark
<> in late 1960s.[2]
<> Each attached or
single family home has traditional amenities, including a private kitchen."

If we don't speak up, the misinformation will continue - damaging the image
of true cohousing projects.
Cohousing  home purchasers should be able to benefit from any govt program
that assists in making home ownership more affordable.
How is Alexandria addressing that need?

I will keep on the alert!
Becca Brackett

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