Subject: Re: Subject: Re: Chances of Finding Members with Children
From: Susan Coberly (
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2021 13:14:06 -0700 (PDT)
to answer Ann's "how did we do it question" we had a lot of turnover, among
both original and subsequent purchasers and from-the-developer rentals.

now all 28 are owned and we have some rentals by owners. (no more
developer-owned rentals.)

Perhaps best said by a fellow neighbor who is alo on the list-serve, in
response to my post this am: build it and they will come.

It is not easy.  We have lost families with children as well as gained
families with children.

Not sure how to trace for others how we got to where we are. Perhaps in a
slow week this winter we can do a chart and publish it.

Recently we had a renting couple with 2 kids (118) buy and move into my
former townhouse (114), after I bought / remodeled 112, and another family
with two kids who own a townhouse (108) move into 118, presently renting,
and *they* now rent 108 to a family with 3 young kids and 1 on the way....

Susan Coberly
Fresno CA
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