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From: Diana Carroll (
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2021 07:18:03 -0700 (PDT)
For all procedural details, take a look at our website:

All members of the cohousing group pay dues, both affiliates and resident
members. Every year we come up with a budget for the following year, and
affiliates and members choose how much to pay following our "sliding scale"
Most affiliates pay near the bottom end of the range (which seems sensible
to me.)

Why would we want to remove an affiliate? Well, an overt removal has never
happened, but people have expressed a desire to have a process to do that
in case an affiliate is, for example, regularly breaking community rules,
breaking the law, harassing someone, etc.  We also accounted for a much
more common thing, which is people who just become less active in the
community over time. If someone just stops coming and no one has seen them
in a year, are they or aren't they still affiliates? This happened a lot
before we came up with our most recent policy, and it was confusing and
distressing. This is one of the reasons we require sponsors and the
sponsors must "re-up" once a year, so that only *active *affiliates remain
in the group.

regarding this comment "one concern many cohousing communities have is
about renters or re-sale people moving in for the house but not the
cohousing aspects". We too were very concerned about this before we moved
in, and tried to come up with policies to prevent this while still honoring
letter and spirit of anti-discrimination housing laws, but it turned out
that our worries were completely off-base. In the real world, 1) people
move here *because* they want cohousing, and 2) even people who want
cohousing often have periods where they withdraw from active participation
in the community for personal reasons...including founders and original
buyers. (Example: my partner died and while I worked through my grief, for
a couple of years I was basically non-existent.) Renters or resale owners
are no more or less likely to be involved than original owners...AND it
turns out our community is resilient, and having some folks around who
aren't engaged does not ruin our community.  So it turned out to be a big
fat non-issue after all our worries.

Mosaic Commons has 34 homes and approx 100 residents in townhouse-style
buildings in a semi-rural suburb.


On Thu, Apr 22, 2021 at 9:40 AM CJ Q <homeschoolvideo [at]> wrote:

> Hi Diana,
> I am very interested in your different types of memberships. So anyone who
> lives there is part of the HOA like any condo and I assume pay those dues.
> So, if they choose to be a member of the cohousing community (meals, common
> house furnishing, etc like you mentioned) is there another dues for those
> costs?
> Those who don't want to be a part of the cohousing then just live there? I
> assume they still get to know and talk to their neighbors?
> It's very interesting all that you've been saying. How many households are
> there on the property? And is the other cohousing at the same property or
> near by?
> I think you also mentioned, or someone did, ways to ask a member to leave.
> Why would anyone want to do that? If they are violating cohousing
> agreements or something? I"m curious.  I know one concern many cohousing
> communities have is about renters or re-sale people moving in for the house
> but not the cohousing aspects so I wonder how that works with your
> different tiers.
> Thanks in advance,
> Carol
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