RE: guest rooms
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 94 11:01 CDT
="the guest don't really have a place to go to have privacy.  Trust me, when
=your parents visit for 3 weeks, you and they both NEED a place for them to go

We had an interesting discussion about this over dinner one night.  
Typically family seems to visit during the summer months.  One of the 
items on our wish list for our second phase is a gazebo type structure 
in the garden area which could be used for summer overnights.  The goal 
of the gazebo, besides being a focal structure in the garden (herb and 
flower, not vegetable) is to provide a private spot amid the beauty of 
the gardens.  Just a pipe dream now of course, but who knows.....

Rob Sandelin

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