Re: Converting a Condominium PUD into Coho
From: Mmariner (
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 1995 16:49:55 -0600

Allright!  I knew (some) condo complexes would be good prospects for coho.
 Here in Boulder several complexes have pretty good facilities that could be
converted.  The central party/playrooms could become the common house with
some work.

But how about parking?  What would it take to move parking out of the center
of things so that you could have pedestrians have precedence over cars?

How do you plan to do it politically, procedurally?

-  Is there a condo assn.?  What's their attitude/knowledge of your
conversion?  Resistance?  Would you have to get a majority to fully become

Very interested in this model for urban redevelopment.  Keep us informed.

Mike M

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