Pet Policy
From: Corrine Ardoin (
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 1996 09:10:52 -0500
A Big Thanks to All who responded to our cry of help:
Basically, after a thorough circle check, we have realized we are none too
soon in developing a pet policy.  Hidden are the fears and angers waiting
for the right emotional moment to erupt!  We have first of all decided to
follow the advice of good ole Rob Sandelin to first establish why we need a
pet policy.  that's the easy part, but does have the effect of getting
clarity and a non-emotional position from where to begin.
I believe that a pet policy is necessary, based on our community's needs:
1. to protect people from pets and pets from people.
2. to protect the rights of people to move freely about the community
without fear.
And most importantly:
3. to ensure a safe, HEALTHY environment that not only derives the benefits
of having pets in the community, but also discourages the negative impact
of having pets.

We will be living in a semi-rural locale full of possums and skunks and
rodents, and other wildlife I would not want to be threatened by cats and
dogs.  We will break ground in April of next year and again thank everyone
for the generous supply of advice,etc. to get us on our way and on to other
pressing issues!  
                Sincerely, Tierra Nueva Cohousing (formerly Grell CoHousing 

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