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From: Raines Cohen (
Date: Sat, 16 Oct 1999 21:09:55 -0600 (MDT)
Judy Baxter <BAXTER [at]> wrote on 10/15/99 4:28 PM:

>This is a timely discussion for me.  While I was gone at the Natl Coho
>Conference,  our group had difficulty getting a quorum to adopt the budget. 
>And this has happened before. So there is a discussion scheduled for this 
>to look at the whole issue.  My preference is to work with why people are
>choosing not to come to our Board (Business) meetings, consider changes in
>format, frequency, etc, but  I can also see dropping the quorum requirement

The CC&R's of Old Oakland Cohousing at Swan's Market takes a somewhat 
different approach, one I've seen with other nonprofits (and possibly 
other condo associations, which, in the eyes of the state of California, 
we will be):

Any properly noticed meeting, scheduled through the normal process, with 
agenda transmitted to everybody's mailbox, can make binding decisions, 
with as few as 3 of the 20 member households. If I recall (I don't have 
the documents at hand), there may be a period after notice of the 
decisions/minutes of the meeting during which members (we're all on the 
board) can block, but this way those that care about a topic can come and 
figure out what works for them, and if it works for everybody else, they 
don't have to be there in person.

(of course, this is all theory, as we aren't living in community yet)

Right now, operating as the LLC, we follow a procedure where proposals 
are introduced at one meeting and then consensus is granted at the 
following meeting, so in case somebody misses a meeting they can see the 
topic in the minutes and be sure to make the next one if they feel 
strongly about that topic. For policy-setting (proposals mostly coming 
from Community Life committee, re pets and window-coverings and the like) 
this works well... clearly, though, urgent decisions get made as needed, 
between meetings by the exec committee or even by our hired (he's a 
member) construction rep.

We did find ourselves bogged down on a difficult topic (capping dues) for 
a while last year and it didn't help when different people came to 
different meetings and we ended up rehashing the same things.

Raines (still recovering from the TCN conference)

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