Communities in San Diego or Pittsburgh?
From: Maren Leyla Cooke (
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2000 20:25:25 -0700 (MST)
Hi.  We (my spouse Neil, myself, and our toddler daughter) are likely to be  
relocating soon (a year or so from now) to one of a few places, possibilities  
which include San Diego/La Jolla and Pittsburgh.  We've lived in a big co-op  
house near Boston for many years, and have both had a longstanding interest  
in cohousing -- but because of academic careers have been insufficiently  
settled up 'till now to join one of the groups around here.  As we anticipate  
this move, we are eager to continue living in community and think that coho  
would be the ideal option for us.  The potential for community will be an  
important factor in our decision, along with the academic/research  
opportunities, once all the faculty-job offers are on the table (which will  
be soon!).  However, we have not been able to find any coho (or other)  
communities, at any stage of completion, in either the San Diego/La Jolla  
area (defined as within commuting distance -- preferably public  
transportation or bike -- to UCSD and Scripps), or Pittsburgh (likewise  
accessible to Carnegie-Mellon).  I don't know much about either locale yet,  
unfortunately, but my web-searches for communities in both regions have come  
up dry so far.

(Outside of Boston is also a possibility, but as we already live in the area  
we're in better touch with the communities.)

Does anybody know of any cohousing, or other more or less intentional  
communities, or forming groups, in either of these areas?  Any leads would be  
greatly appreciated!!

        -- Maren, Neil, & Kielan
        Teal Co-op, Somerville, MA
         maren [at]

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