Re: Waiting Lists
From: Kay Argyle (
Date: Wed, 8 May 2002 20:34:01 -0600 (MDT)
The by-laws at Wasatch Commons say the seller must offer the unit first to
the homeowners association.

> Worrying about reselling and waiting lists is the least of your worries.

Don't we wish.  It depends on where you are, I think.  Perhaps a point of
critical mass is reached where nearby communities start benefiting from each
others' educational outreach, or perhaps simply in some places the
idealogical climate leads more people to have the *click* "So that's what
I've been looking for!" sensation when they hear about cohousing.

Or maybe it's something else entirely.  In any case -- Anyone moving to
Utah?  Four-bedroom townhouse available, 1-3/4 bath, deck, mountain view,
next to the common house.  Community amenities include the common house,
with a kitchen & dining room with newly installed floating laminate floor,
guestroom, sitting room with gas fireplace & audio/video equipment,
craftsroom, classroom,  and the workshop, with a dojo, exercise room, and
car repair bay, plus play structures, soccer field, small "wild area," and
community garden.  School carpooling, common meals about 3 times per week,
monthly potlucks, folk dances, and video nights (plus community meetings,
work parties, and committees, but we won't mention that).

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