RE: Latest on Community-wide data systems
From: Perry_rg (
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 19:40:06 -0800 (PST)
I guess I should have discussed wiring the houses together as well.  I 
definitely agree that the best way would be to install underground conduit 
during initial construction, particularly if the path of the conduit would go 
under sidewalks, the pedway, etc.  I am not familiar enough with the different 
building codes around the country to know the specifications that would be 
required for the conduit in any one area.  For that, you should probably check 
with your builder, architect, or electrical contractor.  Here in Lansing, 
Michigan, I believe electrical conduit only needs to be between 12 and 18 
inches deep in the ground when not under a roadway.  So it is possible to 
install wiring between homes, or between each home and the common house, after 
initial construction.  Again, it would probably just require more labor and 
time than if it had been planned for and installed from the start.  There are 
various methods available for running conduit under an existing sidewalk or 
 the method used would depend on the width of the walk and other factors in the 
walk's construction.
Perry Godwin
Genesee Gardens Cohousing
Lansing, Michigan

Robert Heinich <robert_heinich [at]> wrote:

I agree with Perry's points but it only addresses networking within a house.

Let's also NOT forget to have a conduit underneath the pedway BEFORE it is 
paved over.

Robert Heinich
Eno Commons Cohousing Neighborhood
9 Indigo Creek Trail / Durham, NC 27712-2564
(e) robert_heinich [at]

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