Re: Re: "Sexuality" in Co-housing
From: aamato (
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2006 10:11:57 -0800 (PST)
I don't know of any cohousing community I've been in contact with that is not
open to gays and lesbians.  It's just not a big deal.  Of our 43 households,
three are of are gay men with children and one is a lesbian couple expecting
their first child next month.   I've never heard anything, overt or subtle, that
indicates they have ever felt uncomfortable here.

Anna Amato
Takoma Village
Washington, DC

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Thanks Martin, for speaking out about the hidden agenda, There are many of
us, I'm sure,who are wondering the same thing, "how will I be accepted if
I want to join co-housing."  Especially Lesbians, as we age we have even
fewer resources and we are tired of hiding our "sexuality". We have been
invisible long enough. We do not care to continue, in our retirement, to
be in the closet in conjunction with the ageism, sexism, classism, racism,
homophobia and all the other "isms" that we have had to endure in our
earlier years.  The one thing that is important for any "Community", is to
make it clear that everyone is welcome. This should be in the mission
statement.By including everyone from the beginning, it make a space for
each of us to speak up and to know that we are accepted members of our
communities. Everyone deserves basic human rights and the ability to
provide food, clothing, shelter and safety to themselves and their
families. Treasure yourselves,

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