Re: list of "waypoints"
From: Craig Ragland (
Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2006 16:18:03 -0700 (PDT)
First that I've heard of it... so it hasn't been on the Coho/US radar in
2006, i.e. not mentioned in any of the monthly 2006 Board meetings or in the
more frequent meetings of the Coho/US Communication team.

Is the game copyrighted? If so, do you know who holds the copyright? Do you
have electronic files? I doubt if there's any extra energy on the Coho/US
board for this until the dust has settled after the National Cohousing
Conference in July, but there is certainly interest in growing what we offer
on the website after we get the staffing for the work figured out.

I've been told that Diana Christian also uses a structured game that sounds
simliar in her Community Building workshops - it corresponds to the content
in her book "Creating a Life Together" - it may be obvious, but Diana's work
is broader than cohousing.

It occurs to me that the game contents sound like it could be fun to
represent online, perhaps even use it to help forming groups more
effectively communicate where they "really are" in the development

Craig Ragland
Coho/US Board Member

P.S. Come to the National Cohousing Conference, Chapel Hill, July 21-23 (

On 5/19/06, Mac Thomson <mac [at]> wrote:

About 10+ years ago a Massachusetts architect in cohousing, Bruce
Coldham, used to facilitate a forming group workshop called the
Timeline Game.


I found the workshop to be so useful when our group was forming that
I worked with Bruce to package the Timeline Game with detailed
instructions so a group could run the workshop themselves without
Bruce there.  It was sold in that form for several years and then
there was some talk about making it freely available on the web.  If
I remember correctly, the Cohousing Network (now Coho/US) wanted
instead to continue to make it a money maker and were going to market
and distribute it.  I don't think they ever did anything with it, but
maybe they did.

Does anyone with Coho/US know what ever became of the Timeline Game?


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