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Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2008 11:18:36 -0800 (PST)
Do you mean bookkeeping or true accounting? Bookkeepers can pay bills, send out 
balance check books and manage the accounts on a system such as Quickbooks. 
Some can also
prepare tax returns and do financial statements. Accountants tend to be much 
more expensive and
do things like set up systems, advise on taxes, review the bookkeeper's work, 
etc. Budgets
really need to be created internally.

Our experience has been to hire local bookkeeping services, which usually means 
a one or 2
person office, not a large organization. Experience with HOAs or other types of 
businesses is important. Recommendations from other non-profit organizations 
are a good source. 

We are blessed with enough people experienced in accounting that we have been 
able to do the
accounting functions with volunteers. This has included preparing the financial 
reports and tax
returns, which saves considerable money.

Larry Miller
Oak Creek Commons

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Hello!  We are shopping for a company to provide us with
accounting services. Anyone out there have a firm they've
worked with an particularly recommend?  Or, for that
matter, disrecommend?  Or advice on how to select such
a firm?

one company we've talked to is Digital Accounting Services
in NH.  Anyone have experience with them?


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