Mini Cohousing in NC and potential site in Mass
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Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2009 05:34:15 -0700 (PDT)

In response to Whitney in Masschusetts who's moving to the Chapel Hill area of North Carolina, a group is meeting to form an intentional community in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area, and I know some of the members. Nice folks. Here's the URL of their Triangle Area Meet-up Group: They sometimes meet in the Common House of Solterra Cohousing. I can put you in touch with Christian Stalberg, the man who started the group, if you like.

Diana Leafe Christian
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I was so glad to see these posts.? My family and I lived in an intentional community with a large farmhouse and 3 standalone houses in Silver Spring, Maryland.? We shared child rearing some, meals 4 times a week (and a kitchen - I highly recommend everyone have at least some kind of private kitchen space).? I would not have been able to adopt my daughter if we had not lived there at the time.

We moved on to Massachusetts, and purchased a property with which we hoped to develop the same.? It's riverfront on the southcoast, near Onset, Mass. surrounded by maybe 50 - 100 acres, with a flat, cleared area adjacent and owned by the town that we always hoped to use as community garden.? Chickens and small livestock could easily be had, and the neighbors are easy - and share our vision.? They own some of the surrounding land, as well, so make good neighbors for such a project!

It has become necessary for us to move to North Carolina, so my post is two fold.

1.? Our property is available, and if anyone is interested in doing a mini cohousing project we'd love to talk - even maybe take part, as I am involved in town government and might be able to facilitate process by providing contacts and procedural information.? There are lots of options.? Email me for our website and details (seems like posting it here while it's on the open market might be not within the guidelines?)

2.? We are looking for such a project in North Carolina, Raleigh - Chapel Hill-ish area.? I know there are quite a few communities in that region, and even a home or two for sale there.? We'd like something slightly smaller, I think (but we are not done evaluating, and are open to possibilities).? Anyone else out there looking for such a thing in that area?? We are garden-and-animal centered, woodworking homeschoolers.? I would so love to find other homeschooling families interested in the same thing - but it isn't a necessary quality.

Thanks so much!


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