Re: Research on cohousing
From: Diane (
Date: Sun, 2 Aug 2009 11:11:38 -0700 (PDT)
Hello Shira,

In response, I circulated your letter on our list serve.   I asked how
people felt about you coming here to do research and whether they
thought we should have a discussion about it at a general meeting.  So
far the responses have been positive about your research and also
about the community discussing your proposal before giving you the
go-ahead.   You probably have a formal proposal.   Can we see it?

I must warn you that things get decided pretty slowly around here
(unless there's an emergency).   Your proposal will first be discussed
by the Community Life Committee (CLC) which will then probably put it
on a general meeting agenda and draw up a proposal to present to the
community.   We don't meet in August because lots of people are away

Diane Margolis, facilitator of the Community Life Committee

On Fri, Jul 31, 2009 at 11:30 AM, <smk2152 [at]> wrote:
> Hi- I am writing because I am a masters student in Public Health and
> Aging at Columbia University and would love to have the opportunity to
> do my thesis on aging in cohousing.  I am also, personally, a big fan
> of cohousing and am actively looking into joining one myself.
> I would like to gather data for my thesis by interviewing residents
> over a period of three weeks (or so) and sitting in on some meetings,
> mealtimes and other communal activities.  My research will focus on
> these questions:  What about cohousing enables aging in place, how are
> home health aides incorporated into this unique housing-style, what
> are the challenges of establishing caring relationships with non-kin
> and what are residents' perceptions of their quality of life before
> and after moving into cohousing?
> As for me, I am a quiet, studious and pleasant woman of 33, and I
> would always respect the fact that I was a visitor in people?s homes.
> It would be ideal for me if I could come for three weeks in January
> 2010.  The ideal community would be either a multigenerational cohouse
> with a high percentage of older people or an elder-cohouse.
> I would be greatly appreciative to hear from anyone!
> Thank you,
> Shira Klapper
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