Re: right of first refusal - discriminatory history
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To weigh in, I think it is OK and makes sense. If you have a cohousing 
community, there is nothing more disruptive to the spirit of the community to 
have someone buy in just to have a house or condo and who couldn't care less 
about cohousing. If one has enough "non-participants," essentially the 
cohousing dies and you have a regular condo or neighborhood. 
Granted, this isn't a likely scenario because there is usually self-selection 
of people who want to buy in. Those who do not want community would be put off 
by the expectations voiced in the documents. Likewise, there are many people 
who actively want what cohousing has to offer and they are the more likely 
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Thank you Kristi.

Discrimination!  That word!  Of course!  Never thought about it.

Examining my own feelings, I find it interesting (and disturbing) that I
would be very concerned to hear of the right of first refusal being used to
exclude a person for ethnicity or color, but, in my own mind, using it
against a person who doesn't embrace cohousing is OK.

"We want to preserve our values.  We live a certain way, choose to have a
distinct lifestyle."

Spoken in a cohousing context, these words seems fine.
Considered in an ethnic or skin color context - they make my flesh creep.
Interesting.  Evidently I suffer from a measure of blindness such that it
took Kristi to open my eyes.

I imagine banks keep away from rights of first refusal so that they can't be
accused of any association with discrimination.


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> Historically, the right of first refusal has been used to discriminate
> against prospective buyers, although I understand that this is not exactly
> the intent of cohousing communities. Other owners can band together to buy
> a
> unit instead of letting it be sold to a person of color, a single woman,
> etc., as well as people who might be perceived to be less community
> oriented. This is my understanding, based on limited research. Others
> probably know a lot more.
> FHA and VA Loans will not guarantee mortgages where the the condo docs
> include the right of first refusal. This language is condo docs will limit
> the mortgage options of potential buyers.
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