"Community guests" in CH guest rooms
From: Joani Blank (joaniswansway.com)
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2011 17:13:22 -0700 (PDT)
All of our cohousing communities that have one or more guest rooms in their common house allow friends and family members of resident households to stay in their common guest room(s).

I'm interested to know if, in addition, communities are open to having "community guests" stay in their CH guest rooms. By community guests I mean people who contact you via the contact person you name on your website or via the community directory on www.cohousing.org (or www.on ic.org) or someone referred by a friend or a friend of a friend)--that is, they are not the guest of a particular resident.

If you do have community guests do you place any restrictions on them as far as use their use of your common facilities (other than the guest room(s) and guest bathroom(s)) such as your common kitchen, dining area, laundry, outdoor amenities. Also curious to know how much, if anything, per night you charge for the use of your guest rooms these days and if there is a different charge/donation for friends/family and for community guests.

Answer to the list if you like, or to me personally, if you'd rather not tell the cohousing.l world about your situation for some reason.

Joani Blank

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