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We have a common laundry and most people use that. We also have the
hook-ups to have washers/dryers in our units. Up to when we were about 15
units occupied, the common house having 3 washers and 2 dryers was
sufficient -- only one unit had a personal washer/dryer. People who worked
outside the home were given priority for evening use. I used the common
laundry for two years and had no problem. We included clothes lines in the
basement laundry room for hanging clothes. Some people use those
extensively -- usually hanging clothes on hangers and then hanging the
hanger from the clothes line (you can get more items on the line that way).
Others seem to put everything in the dryer.

I decided about a year ago to use a washer hooked up in my unit but no
dryer. I wash when I need to and hang clothes to dry over the bathtub.
Sometimes clothes are dry overnight and somethings they need a couple of
days to dry. When I wash sheets I simply drape them over my couch while I
am at work and they dry fine. There have been some occasions when I need a
quicker turn-around, so I used the dryers in the Common House, but that has
only been about 3 times over the past year. I am decreasing the demand on
the Common House washers/dryers now that we have more residents. But I am
thankful for the back-up of the dryers for those few times I have needed
them. I have not heard any complaints from other residents that the Common
House laundry was lacking in any way. I expect that as we grow more, others
will acquire washers for their units. I will be able to tell them from
experience that having a washer does not demand having a dryer too.


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