Re: Looking for folks to have a community technology conversation with
From: Sean Davey (
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2012 10:35:27 -0800 (PST)
Hi Neil,

I've written a web application for our community and make it available for free 
to other communities at

it has a ton of features and I'm adding new ones all the time (e.g. I just 
added over a dozen themes based on Bootstrap). I'm happy to host a site for 
your community if you like or I can also make the source code (Java and 
PostgreSQL) available.

I'm also happy to participate in a tech discussion.

> Seasons Greetings...
> I am interested in getting to know Cohousing resident techies who are 
> responsible for tech/web related projects in their community. I am one of 
> those 
> and I would like to have a conversation about topics like
>         • Building and using a members only Web site
>         • Internet sharing
>         • Mailing lists
>         • Other collaborative tools
> I would like to start work on a members only section of our community Web 
> site. 
> I build with Rapidweaver and Wordpress and would be interested in learning 
> what 
> others use and have done - what works, what does not, what's used, what's not 
> - 
> and sharing resources.
> Most of us here share incoming Internet which has worked surprisingly well. I 
> am curious about who else is doing this and how it is going. I would like to 
> learn what guidelines are set for shared usage, for example.
> How is your community communicating? What tools are you using to keep in 
> touch?
> Are you using shared online calendars? Collaborative spaces?
> Please reach out to me directly
> Thanks a lot and looking forward to hearing back from you!
> In community,
> Neil Planchon CPCC
> neil [at]
> Founding Resident and Webmaster
> Swan's Market Cohousing, Oakland CA
> PS If you are reading this and know the person in your community who does the 
> technology work, please forward this on to them. :)

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