Re: Cleaning the kid's room
From: Moz (
Date: Sat, 8 Jun 2013 17:23:22 -0700 (PDT)
Muriel Kranowski said:

> I'll add that there are laminated sheets hanging in the janitor's closet
> that describe every cleaning task, so it isn't left to the imagination what
> it means to, say, clean the kids' room.

As an adult who's lived in share housing since I left home (at 17) I
still find it amazing that some share houses work on the "no
guidelines, just have a go if you feel like it" method of chore
organising. With a share house it's normally enough to build up an
email that lays out expectations (said email builds up as you get
people in who don't meet expectations you didn't know you had :)

One benefit of the "instruction sheet" approach is that once you have
it working in one place it makes new things possible. You can buy
complicated or fragile equipment knowing that people will read the
attached instruction sheet. And if they don't follow the instructions
you at least know they knew about them.

One friend has a "hippy house" where the greywater recovery system is
mildly complex to use, but there's an instruction sheet so 90% of
bathroom users follow it. Before sheet... only him. Ditto the passive
solar heating system that requires manual tweaking of the roof blinds.

And I love the "picture on the box" system too. I just use labels, but
that's because no-one else uses the stuff from my boxes.


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