Petition for FHA & Other FHA refusals - Make Change Happen!
From: Thomas Lofft (
Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2014 08:13:00 -0700 (PDT)
Diana Carroll wrote: 
[We did try to contact FHA directly to ask, but I was never able to actually
get in contact with someone above the level of "grunt" who just said "Apply
for approval and let's see what happens". (Downside being: process is
expensive and time consuming!)
So...we never went through the expense/trouble of applying.
So I'm not sure you are going to get certain verification that FHA has a
policy against cohousing. It might be more instructive to ask on this list
if anyone HAS gotten FHA approval for their association.] 
FHA is another US government agency, required to be responsive to Congress if 
not to the taxpayers who pay all its expenses.
Go directly to your Congressional Representatives, same as others have done to 
get relief from bureaucrats hiding out behind their autobot phone recordings. 
Call your Representative's office; make an appointment; get face to face; don't 
be satisfied with a flunky trying to placate you with non-committal "That's an 
excellent idea. We'll certainly look into it. Thanks for bringing this to our 
concern. The representative will definitely look into your concerns." which are 
simply classic pandering to voters. 
Make the Representative review the authority and responsibilities of FHA. Make 
sure you're getting attention and getting specific responses. Get the 
Representative to set up a joint face-to-face meeting in FHA's office. This is 
all possible and it's what you're paying for out of every paycheck withholding 
every week by every one of your working members.
Of course, if your Representative doesn't care about your concerns either, this 
is a good time to find or become a candidate to take over the office.

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