Re: Use of the CH [was Costs for Shared Services [was Shared community internet service
From: Elizabeth Magill (
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2014 11:54:53 -0700 (PDT)
I must admit I am amazed at how rarely I go to the common house to get my mail. 
My mother is horrified.

(The Rev.) Elizabeth M. Magill
Berlin, MA with three homes remaining. Join us!

On Apr 2, 2014, at 1:41 PM, Sharon Villines <sharon [at]> 

> Having the mailboxes in the back hall with the theory that people will walk 
> through the CH on their way from the parking lot is also not significantly 
> true. Some come in the back door and go out the back door. Some go home 
> without entering the CH and come back at 10:00 to get their mail, etc. Some 
> who come through are walking fast just wanting to get home. Mailboxes in the 
> foyer would be more convenient for all (though we now use it for shopping 
> carts, hauling carts, carseats, and a wheelchair).
> Sharon
> ----
> Sharon Villines
> Takoma Village Cohousing, Washington DC

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