Another unsuccessful attempt
From: Jerry McIntire (
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 2015 09:55:46 -0700 (PDT)
Sad but true, the rural cohousing group that we were part of in SW
Wisconsin has decided to disband, sell our property, and wish it had turned
out differently. We never had more than five member households. Despite the
interest of a couple more prospective members, we grew tired of hoping for
seven more (we've been at this for six years) and were not able to finance
the development of lots on our own. Despite careful attention to the good
advice in Diana Leafe Christian's book, Creating a Life Together, the
market does not seem ready for cohousing here.

Our twelve acres with an existing house will be for sale very soon, about
$215,000, though one member family is negotiating to buy two acres and
build their new home because the location is wonderful. That would leave
ten acres and a house, at a lower price.

This has been the most disappointing experience I've had since the loss of
my first love at 15. Thank you to all of the helpful members of this list
who have answered so many questions and shared so many informed opinions
over the years. Onward and upward...

Jerry McIntire
Former project manager
Stone's Throw Ecovillage
Viroqua, Wisconsin

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