marketing Aria Cohousing in Denver to families
From: Grace Kim (
Date: Sun, 2 Oct 2016 22:18:20 -0700 (PDT)
Nancy -
I was going to invite you to Seattle to visit our community (to see the model, 
not to move into ours as we are full) but sounds like you have your heart set 
on a townhouse.

Capitol Hill Urban Cohousing is a multigenerational model and we live in 9 
stacked flats above a ground level commercial space on a very walkable street 
in an urban part of Seattle. Our families (including seniors) like being able 
to walk to work, schools, grocery stores, doctors, coffee shops, performing 
arts, library and anything else they might need. We are blocks from our light 
rail station and there are busses taking you in all directions.

When our families chose cohousing, we had many conversations unit design and 
unit selection...and some were heated. But in the end, most all of our families 
agreed that it didn't really matter which unit they got as long as they got to 
move in. Or exactly what type of cabinets or flooring they had. Or whether the 
Common House had a fitness room or kids play room.
What really mattered in the end was living in community.

So I would encourage you to consider that for a bit before writing off Aria. 
When choosing cohousing, you are choosing a lifestyle, not a unit.

I don't know much about Aria, but I do know that cohousing is an amazing place 
to meet your neighbors (young and old) on a regular basis and to live a life in 
an easy and joyfilled way.

grace h. kim | schemata workshop inc.
aia, principal architect

p 206.285.1589

We have moved!
1720 12th Ave
Seattle, WA 98122

I am in Denver so looked at Aria, but prefer something with direct access to 
the outdoors (the townhouse style which have been sold out), rather than the 
Stacked units which are what's available now. BUT, the whole reason I have been 
looking for cohousing for a decade now is the multi generational factor. 

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