Re: marketing Aria Cohousing in Denver to families
From: Nancy Csuti (
Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2016 04:47:48 -0700 (PDT)
What a nice reply Grace! I have actually see Capital Hill Cohousing in
Seattle and would have LOVED to be able to move there. I love Seattle and
if I wasn't so close to retirement I would have jumped at that when it was
first breaking ground. I have seen many cohousing around the USA and in
Northern Europe and actually Capital Hill In Seattle is one of the most
innovative I've seen.

I'll give Aria another look. I guess moving from a large single family
house to a townhouse seems like an easier step than to a stacked unit.. I
have dogs and can't really picture them without a yard to run out to. The
townhouse units I've seen in Denver have yards - tiny, but still grass out
the door.

I love your paragraph about choosing the community over choosing the space.
That's a great thing to keep in mind as I move forward. Particularly right
now when housing costs must be at the absolute peak. Especially now when
nothing is less than $300 Sq Foot it's good to remember I am buying the
lifestyle as well as the structure.

Thanks for your great response!
Nancy in CO.

On Sun, Oct 2, 2016 at 11:18 PM, Grace Kim <Grace [at]>

> Nancy -
> I was going to invite you to Seattle to visit our community (to see the
> model, not to move into ours as we are full) but sounds like you have your
> heart set on a townhouse.
> Capitol Hill Urban Cohousing is a multigenerational model and we live in 9
> stacked flats above a ground level commercial space on a very walkable
> street in an urban part of Seattle. Our families (including seniors) like
> being able to walk to work, schools, grocery stores, doctors, coffee shops,
> performing arts, library and anything else they might need. We are blocks
> from our light rail station and there are busses taking you in all
> directions.
> When our families chose cohousing, we had many conversations unit design
> and unit selection...and some were heated. But in the end, most all of our
> families agreed that it didn't really matter which unit they got as long as
> they got to move in. Or exactly what type of cabinets or flooring they had.
> Or whether the Common House had a fitness room or kids play room.
> What really mattered in the end was living in community.
> So I would encourage you to consider that for a bit before writing off
> Aria. When choosing cohousing, you are choosing a lifestyle, not a unit.
> I don't know much about Aria, but I do know that cohousing is an amazing
> place to meet your neighbors (young and old) on a regular basis and to live
> a life in an easy and joyfilled way.
> grace h. kim | schemata workshop inc.
> aia, principal architect
> p 206.285.1589
> We have moved!
> 1720 12th Ave
> Seattle, WA 98122
> ___
> I am in Denver so looked at Aria, but prefer something with direct access
> to the outdoors (the townhouse style which have been sold out), rather than
> the Stacked units which are what's available now. BUT, the whole reason I
> have been looking for cohousing for a decade now is the multi generational
> factor.
> Thanks,
> Nancy
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