Did that happen or not? [ was Budgets before finding a site
From: Sharon Villines (sharonsharonvillines.com)
Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2016 06:33:59 -0700 (PDT)
> On Oct 2, 2016, at 9:36 PM, Susan Adams <sadams430 [at] gmail.com> wrote:
> The figures I provided were for our pre construction development.  Which is
> the budget which was requested.  The figures came directly from Village
> Resources, and I assumed that they were correct.

A few years ago we had a highly contentious issue. People who joined the 
community 10 years after the first incident had a totally different view of the 
issue and its resolution. They maintained the sky would fall on our heads if we 
addressed it —it was a neighbor’s issue with our property.

The facts stated in the meeting were at almost total odds with my memory which 
is pretty good. I also read all the minutes and am on all the team email lists. 
 But I needed proof that what was said was not the way things happened.

I went back through ALL our email list archives including lists we no longer 
used. The issue related to the “south alley” so I had to search multiple 
spellings of “alley”. It took a long time with Yahoo’s primitive search engine 
but it was worth every minute.

What I discovered was that each team remembered what happened in  their 
meetings and on their email list. The information from each team formed a set 
of facts that did not include information from other teams. Admin didn’t know 
what Facilities knew and the reverse. Even factual information like what date 
was this first reported was totally wrong in one team or the other.

It happens to the best of us that one hand thinks another is misrepresenting 
things, particularly when new members don’t have old memories. Everyone thinks 
the community started when they did.

Advice: use email because it is the easiest way to write things down. A written 
record can be invaluable. It can resolve a lot of issues about what happened 
and what didn’t happen.

Sharon Villines
Takoma Village Cohousing, Washington DC

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