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On Thu, Jan 11, 2018 at 3:52 PM, Joan Helfman <joanhelfman [at]> 

> Hi cohosing community,
> At Cambridge Cohousing, we’re exploring ways to make signing up for meals
> and reserving common spaces more user-friendly and enticing so that:
> More members sign up to prepare and clean up after meals
> Members can easily sign up to attend meals
> We simplify accounting and paying for meals
> We avoid scheduling conflicts for our common spaces
> We’ve used a paper sign-up system and are currently investigating online
> systems. If your community has a successful paper or online system, please
> we would be grateful if you could tell us about it.
> I’ve attached the last information I’ve found on sign-ups from the
> l-reference below.
> Many thanks,
> Joan Helfman
> > Signing Up
> >
> > All but two groups have a notebook or sheet posted where residents and
> their guests can "sign up" to alert the cooks how many will be eating a
> particular meal. The two remaining groups have a sign-out system whereby
> you are assumed to be attending every common meal unless you sign yourself
> out. Not surprisingly, in these two communities more residents eat most
> common meals.
> >
> > "A two-year old in our community used to earnestly ask each of those she
> saw gathering for a common dinner, 'are you signed up?' She kept us honest
> and on our toes. "
> >
> > One community has a system of no-sign up, those who wish to eat that
> meal just show up. Their payment system is described in the "Paying Up"
> section below.
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