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Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2021 19:25:26 -0700 (PDT)
In terms of people who sometimes live in the community, it is up to
the owner to decide who is a member of their household. So if they say
someone is part of their household and are members then they are

For people who don't live here, we have a category called "affiliates"
for people who want to have the privileges and responsibilities of
membership. They pay 5% of our average dues (we have a sliding scale)
and help with work and with the fun.

We have called this thing associates, and then we changed it to friend
and now it is affiliate. Calling it a "friend" was a mistake, some
people thought that everyone who was their friend should be made
one---really, we want everyone to feel free to invite friends anytime.
Affiliate status costs money and has a [slight] commitment.

Liz at Mosaic commons, Berlin, MA.

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> Cohousers - There was banter about Associate Members. I gather the members 
> are not owners/residents but live off campus. Do boy friends or girl friends 
> who stay over for one or a few nights on a regular basis counted as Associate 
> members? How does your community decide when an occasional visitor becomes a 
> resident?
> Thx
> Alan O
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