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A couple of points you may already have considered:
Has the community talked about the relationship between owners and renters - 
what each is expected to do? what each brings to the community?
Is the owner responsible for orienting their renter to the community and what 
is expected of them?
What is expected of the community?
Has the whole community had a conversation about private vs public in a 
cohousing community?

Interested to know how this works out, Zev!


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I realize I need to add a bit of clarity. The. Renter in this situation is 
renting the lower level of a home we here the owners live in the rest of the 
house. Most of the comments here are around requirements of potential renters.

What I was asking is if anyone has experienced residents who rent out a portion 
of their home to someone who the residents do not want them to participate in 
community activities. The renter in question would love to participate but are 
being stopped or simply not informed by the resident owners due to privacy 
issue for themselves.

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