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Date: Mon, 17 May 2021 06:12:17 -0700 (PDT)
Liberty Village, formed between 1995 and 2000 and moved in 2000-2001. We only 
built half of our community due to county restrictions, and are now starting to 
sell the next ten available lots.

Community is now about half "pioneers" and half "settlers". 

We knew it was going to be challenging to bring in new people but it is more 
challenging than we thought. Of the "settlers", we have 3 who are participating 
fully with us, 3 who participate little and 2 families who are very vocal 

What seems to us to be missing is the level of trust we had for each other when 
we started. That is still present in the pioneers toward each other but not in 
the general community. We are more divisive on topics than we were. People are 
more wedded to their point of view. 

Some of us think we could use more training from your book on how to shift from 
a you vs me culture to a we culture. How do we incorporate people who get 
adamant about their point of view?

It is more tiring than it was and we are all 20 years older! And we now have 
the second half of the community to build. 

Thanks for this topic.  And thanks for all you are doing for cohousing 

Martie Weatherly
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>We're getting ready for our August conference, Cohousing Over Time.  The
>goal of this conference is to address the needs of our early generations of
>cohousing communities - the folks who have been living together in
>cohousing for ten years or more.
>If you live in a community that was established before 2012, please reply
>and let us know, what topics would interest you?  What particular struggles
>do you face as a community that has been around for a while?  What is
>happening for you that didn't happen 10 years ago?  What have you learned
>that might help other communities? Favorite resources?
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