Re: What do you want to talk about?
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Date: Mon, 17 May 2021 08:03:47 -0700 (PDT)
Similarly, but also quite different, we tend to add new households one
at a time. And each time we do we hear from the previous new
households (sometimes a year or two later) that we haven't
successfully helped them to integrate.

I'd love to hear from communities that have a great new member
integration team. What do they do? How do they do it?

My own goal is that we become a new community with each new member. I
hear that's a thing but I don't think we do that.


On Mon, May 17, 2021 at 9:12 AM Martie Weatherly
<mhweatherly [at]> wrote:
> Liberty Village, formed between 1995 and 2000 and moved in 2000-2001. We only 
> built half of our community due to county restrictions, and are now starting 
> to sell the next ten available lots.
> Community is now about half "pioneers" and half "settlers".
> We knew it was going to be challenging to bring in new people but it is more 
> challenging than we thought. Of the "settlers", we have 3 who are 
> participating fully with us, 3 who participate little and 2 families who are 
> very vocal critics.
> What seems to us to be missing is the level of trust we had for each other 
> when we started. That is still present in the pioneers toward each other but 
> not in the general community. We are more divisive on topics than we were. 
> People are more wedded to their point of view.
> Some of us think we could use more training from your book on how to shift 
> from a you vs me culture to a we culture. How do we incorporate people who 
> get adamant about their point of view?
> It is more tiring than it was and we are all 20 years older! And we now have 
> the second half of the community to build.
> Thanks for this topic.  And thanks for all you are doing for cohousing 
> communities.
> Martie Weatherly
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> >We're getting ready for our August conference, Cohousing Over Time.  The
> >goal of this conference is to address the needs of our early generations of
> >cohousing communities - the folks who have been living together in
> >cohousing for ten years or more.
> >
> >If you live in a community that was established before 2012, please reply
> >and let us know, what topics would interest you?  What particular struggles
> >do you face as a community that has been around for a while?  What is
> >happening for you that didn't happen 10 years ago?  What have you learned
> >that might help other communities? Favorite resources?
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