RE: Waiting lists
From: Joani Blank (
Date: Sat, 29 Aug 1998 14:34:17 -0500

>I have seen this pattern before, larger and more expensive units not selling 
>until very late in the game. The cheaper, one bedroom units seem to always
>first and be very desirable. Might be wise, when doing housing size planning 
>to think about this. 

It's also true that households with children tend to come into cohousing
projects at the very end, particularly when the core group had few
households with children, when the project is small, and especially when it
is urban. The problem is not that we need more small units. That just gets
us more single  adults. The problem is that new-construction cohousing is
expensive, especially considering that young families (two-parent and
single-parent) who are often not in a position to buy property at all, are
just the folks who can most readily see the benefits of cohousing. 

We have at least one single person on our waiting list who could afford
this larger unit, but it just doesn't seem fair to him that he occupy what
is essentially a three bedroom place. The person who had to drop out after
reserving that last unit took three of our project's (only) six children
with her. So you can understand why we are glad that the one unit left is a
large one. Also, we are about a year ahead of move-in, and we are sure to
have all units sold well before then. 


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