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From: Elizabeth Stevenson (
Date: Fri, 3 May 2002 20:41:06 -0600 (MDT)
> 6) What if any limitations do homeowners have when they want to sell their
> homes in terms of an existing waiting list?

I'm just replying to just this question because I live in a built community
and was not a member if and when we ever had a waiting list.

There are no legal limitations on who the seller can sell to if you have a
condo organization. You can agree as a group to use an internal list, but
the seller is not bound by that agreement. As far as I know, there have been
attempts by at least one group to get around that by having members sign an
agreement-perhaps Joani Blank can elaborate, as I think it was Doyle Street.

If the house goes on the open market, you have to sell to whomever meets
your price. Best to avoid that and do it internally.

Our own list, called an "interested buyers list", has never been used to
resell a house. I think you may find that the restrictions of having a
strict list to go by will be unworkable. Most often, resale homes go to
people who have rented in the past, or have some ties to someone in the
group already. And how would you prioritize the list? People have different
needs for a house re timing, size, price, features, etc. One of our units is
about to be resold, and the new owner is physically disabled, like the
previous owner. I would hate to have had to sell an accessible unit to
someone who didn't need it just because they were on a list. Or sell it to
someone not really interested in the community just because they were next
on the list.

Liz Stevenson
Southside Park Cohousing
Sacramento California
tamgoddess [at]

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