Waiting Lists
From: Mac & Sandy Thomson (ganeshrmi.net)
Date: Fri, 3 May 2002 16:21:01 -0600 (MDT)
I'm forwarding this for a neighbor . . . . . . .

We at Heartwood Cohousing in SW Colorado are hammering out our "Waiting
List" parameters and wondered how other folks do it in their cohousing

1) Do most of you have a waiting list for prospective members?

2) If so, what does being on the waiting list really mean - what does it
give a waiting list person in terms of priority, notice, etc?

3) What requirements do you have to be on the waiting list? Please be

4) How effective has the waiting list been once there have been openings in
your community?

5) Any other ideas for creating good, solid prospects other than a waiting

6) What if any limitations do homeowners have when they want to sell their
homes in terms of an existing waiting list?

Thanks for your suggestions - we're working hard at this particular issue.
Alice Miller Robbins  alicerobb [at] hotmail.com

Mac Thomson

Heartwood Cohousing

"Rebellion is a quick and easy way of standing out, as opposed to working
hard at becoming something special."

    - Laura Schlessinger


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