RE: Car share club
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 08:53:01 -0700 (MST)
My family shares a car with another family. We worked it this way. We had a
second car that we were considering  selling since our new lifestyle did not
require two cars. But we do occasionally need a second car. So another
family bought one half the blue book value of our second car, and we
currently split the costs of insurance and operation and repairs based on
the percentage use which is currently 25% to 75%. The car is in our name,
and insurance is in our name. We found out that a corporately owned car is
possible, but the exact same insurance on a corporate car costs three times
as much as private owner insurance. Our insurance lady, off the record, told
us not to get corporate insurance, just to have the drivers with the best
records own the insurance policy. Our policy insures anybody who drives the
car. So, for insurance purposes, the other family is borrowing the car.  So
far this situation has worked out very well. We have no written agreements
yet, although we do record the mileage driven so on the infrequent times
that I use the car I simply write down the mileage in a log. If I buy gas I
write that down also. About every quarter we evaluate how its  working,
anything we  need to take care of. We just agreed to buy new tires.

The end result for our family is we get use of the  second car, with few
conflicts in scheduling, at a very inexpensive cost.

Rob Sandelin

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