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But if  this doesn't happen? What if some things are beyond the pale? Or 
sort of  bit by bit the place starts looking like what Lynn describes at  

And again, Lot development is totally different from  attached buildings 
and apartments.

One person's treasure is another person's trash.  
This sounds like a wonderful opportunity for the residents to get to know  
one another better.
This kind of situation could be divisive if not treated in a respectful and  
mature way.  Gossiping about what offends begins to drawn lines in the  sand.  
Intuitively I would recommend a workshop, perhaps on communication  as 
opposed to restriction of expression. Now I'm not a total pollyanna, and I do  
that some will always cross the line of decency and it's these minority for  
whom we write and re-write volumes of rules.  Perhaps it would be easier  for 
the group to find a creative way of approaching the offender with concerns  
including a firm resolve of what will be the consequence of ig-norance.  
"Beige" is great for resale of property according to a real estate friend  of 
mine but she also includes as an afterthought that it is no way to  live.  
Nor is, what we call in Florida, having to live under the eye of  "condo 
commandos."  Co-housing for me is about having fun for the rest  of my life 
people that I grow to love and appreciate and respect.   That includes being 
willing to hear out an opposing view.  Have you noticed  that the older you get 
faster the years go by?  I have.  Trust me,  there are significantly more 
important issues to attend to that will  enhance the quality of life in your 
community, bringing people together, rather  than limiting expression.  Get 
together, dance for a few hours and then sit  down and discuss the issues.  
fun, life's short.
Excited soon to be resident of Sharingwood

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