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From: alan (
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2009 15:21:06 -0700 (PDT)
Thanks Glenn. It is right to celebrate Grace's very useful and readable book.

We are still at the development stage of our cohousing project ( and this will be great for when we get to the design stage of the Common House.

Cheers again,


Glenn Fisher wrote:
Grace Kim recently announced availability of her book on Common House
Design (12 Aug 2009) from Schemata Workshop.   As part of a group with
recently acquired land about to begin design, I purchased the book.

I've just finished reading the book - from start to finish.  It's
readable, succinct, clear, fun, interesting, and insightful.  I found
myself continually interrupting my wife to read her passages from the
book.  And I was surprised to find that my initial intent to browse it
for a few minutes turned into a solid reading from beginning to end.
I can't imagine how we would have planned our common house without
this resource.  Grace's comments on the role of the community house
and its use hold insights and warnings for those planning cohousing -
like our group.  I'm recommending that all members of our planning
group read this prior to our design workshops.

(If you already are in a community, you may find this a useful
resource if you're rethinking your common house use, as many of the
communities she interviewed were doing.)

The book is available for $45 plus shipping from Schemata Workshop,
1720 12th ave #3  seattle wa 98122  v 206 285 1589,  Grace can be
reached for questions about the book and bulk availability at grace [at]
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