Cohousing Needs Volunteer Reference Librarian!
From: Sally Thompson (
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2010 22:14:46 -0700 (PDT)
Harmony Green Village is typical of many start-up Cohousing Communities, I 
would gather, based on what I've read on the List-Serve.  The pearls of wisdom 
that have been shared by those that have been there and done that have been 
invaluable, so I've saved practically every List Serve submission for years!  
Trouble is that we are too busy going through the process of buying the land 
and recruiting new members that we don't have time to search for those pearls 
as well as samples of legal documents that would be so very helpful right now 
as we go along with setting up bank accounts, writing operating agreements, 
etc.  If anyone has taken those suggestions and saved them by category already, 
and would share what they came up with, we would be grateful.  And more 
importantly, if Communities did e-mail copies of their legal documents to the 
Cohousing Office to serve as samples, have they been sorted by title so they 
can be accessed easily from the web-site?  

If not, if someone wants to do us and other forming Communities a BIG Favor and 
become the organizer of List Serve dialogues and Legal Document samples by 
topic that we can refer to as we need them, I know we would not be the only 
group that could benefit greatly.  Anyone willing to take on that volunteer job 
for the rest of us that really need your help?  

And if more of you could send samples of what it took in writing to set 
yourselves up legally to us directly and to the Cohousing Office for reference 
by everyone, that would be terrific!  Hope to hear from you ASAP.  Thanks!

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